Positive Activity Jackpots: Apps for Vets and Soldiers

A new application was released by the National Center of Pentagon for Telehealth & Technology and it's known as the Positive Activity Jackpot. It is definitely not uncommon for a military person to suffer serious changes in mental aspects when they are removed from their military deployment and are asked to return to their normal, peaceful, happy lives with their loved ones. The sudden changes of environment, from their rigorous training, activities and missions to a 'less structured' schedule on their daily lives, may be hard to cope with for military personnel. This is exactly where the application released by Pentagon will take action.

Many troops and veterans suffered from serious depression cases that led to tragic events in the past like relationship problems and even suicide. The aim of the Positive Activity Jackpot is to guide them through their daily schedule so they'll have an easier time coping with their quiet lives and in order for tragic events to be prevented. The application is also incorporated with a psychological therapy aimed to cultivate the behavioral stature of the user by bringing pleasant and happy schedules in a GPS-like structure.

The Positive Activity Jackpot will allow users to get hold of every activity possible within the vicinity where he's in. This can be in the form of road trips, water activities, shopping, exercise and more outdoor activities that you can think of. Of course, you'll be able to have more fun as the app also allows you to pick who you'll go with. True to its name, the application also has another feature that will allow you to play it as a slot and you'll immediately be rendered with a random activity that you can try. With this, veterans' mental health care system will be maintained and they can enjoy thrilling activities every time.