Which Is The Very Best New Brain Training App Lumosity Or Elevate?

Who out there has any idea about the new kind of app that allegedly is creating a storm? It would appear for those unfamiliar that we are now moving through a wave of brain training apps. Only question is, if one can decide that is, which one is the better, Lumosity or perhaps Elevate?

Listen, anything that helps the mind has got to be a good thing, why do we constantly make comparisons, surely good is good and bad is bad? However, sometimes when making comparisons both have redeeming qualities, Lumosity vs Elevate, aren't they both really pretty awesome?

Brain apps may be new, but brain entrainment certainly isn't. Talk to any practicing Zen Buddhist and they are bound to be able to teach a few techniques on an art that goes back way in time. However, having an app, that guides you in a specific direction so that you start training the brain cells, what about that? Surely that is what happens when one is playing an online game, or maybe making calculations when trying to figure out where to place a wager on a horse race. Wouldn't that also fit the category of doing brain exercises as well?

Lets face it, maybe Candy Crush or other mindless games may not appear to fit the bill, but surely doing anything rather than nothing has to be a good thing, who wouldn't agree? Great minds would have everyone believe that brain training became more mainstream in 2005, with Nintendo's game called Brain Age, which was created for their DS handheld console.

Today, Lumosity tops the charts being one of the top apps to exercise the brain with, who can argue with 50 million members? There is also an app called Fit Brains, made by Rosetta Stone, Brain HQ and Elevate. All these apps have their own way and own ideas on brain fitness and each focuses on a different set of skills one may wish to improve. Take your pick and make your own judgement which is the best. Anything that helps, has got to be better than nothing, agreed?