How does Happify App make your life happier?

Smartphone applications have become more and more involved in our daily lives and today, there are even apps that aims to bring changes to our mood and overall point of view in life, just like the most prevalent and renowned app today, Happify. Just as the name of this application suggests, this app aims to bring happiness right at your fingertips. It will do this by bringing science into action, incorporate it into technology to allow you to participate in things that would make your life happier.

There are a lot of applications today like Happify that aims to make an individual happier. In their presentation as they introduced the game, they rendered an idea saying that people are naturally anxious every day due to the problem about work, money, etc., that we're already facing and that it will definitely be all better if we can mix out with more fun, laugh and bond with our loved ones. This is undeniably something anyone can't argue about, however, will incorporating science into an application really be the helping hand we need?

It's undeniably easy to register to Happify after you've downloaded it. You can even use your Facebook account if you deem this to be more convenient for you. What happens next is that the application will try to gauge your mood by asking you a series of question. Afterwards, it will render you with other questions about things that you think, are the highlights of your day that made you happier. It will ask you about the first thing that brightened up your day, the second thing and the third thing. Finally, it will ask you to rate just how much you enjoyed these things you've experienced.

There are many users out there that deemed Happify to be a great addition that made them appreciate the things that brighten up their day, thereby allowing them to become happier. However, for some, it proved to be trivial and ineffective as it seemed like you're only jotting down notes of your day, which anyone can do with just a paper and a pen.