Brain Trainer Special: Enhancing and Exercising Your Mind

Who says playing games make your brain function slower? According to studies, many of the games today, especially on smartphones, have the capability to help in improving and even nurturing further, anyone's brain skills along with their memory. One of the most prominent game today when it comes to brain-training is the Brain Trainer Special that's been making waves inside the Android industry and is continuously raved by millions of its users across the globe.

Those who have their Smart phones are recommended to have this in your arsenal as it will undeniably help in nurturing your flexible thinking, your problem-solving capability, and your memory. The games in this Brain Trainer Special is split in those three, with other games inside them that all aims to bring you an immersive experience while enhancing your brain capabilities. Of course, to add to the thrill and improve your thinking capacity further, every game is time-pressured and no game is similar to each other so you'll have a more fun and exciting experience.

There are memory games where you have to do a colored pattern again by replicating them on a time-pressured environment. You'll also be able to find arithmetic puzzle to test your math skills and hone your critical-thinking at the same time. There's also a game that will enhance your brain-cooperation by bringing you two different words on a screen that's a name of a color. The words itself are colored and if the words and the color it has match, you are required to click the 'match' button. Easy as it sounds, it's highly possible to commit mistakes every time especially due to the fact that you're against time.

Brain Trainer Special is somewhat similar to the Lumosity Brain Trainer from the iOS industry, however, it has fewer games compared to it. However, it's entirely free compared to the latter. Also, its design and gaming structure is much simpler compared to the iOS version. What remains the same in both games is that it aims to bring your brain skills into another level each time you play a game every day.