The CogniFit Brain Fitness Game - It Stretches Human Potential!

The 21st century continues to push the boundaries of human potential and none more than with the latest spat of brain fitness apps and games, has anyone yet tried the CogniFit Brain Fitness game?

It wasn't so long ago that talking about such things as brain fitness or a brain fitness app. would get one labelled as a new age looney, however now anything seems to go. The barriers are down and folk are open and receptive to new ideas and one can only say it's not before time.

The great thing about the CogniFit Brain Fitness game is no matter how fantastic or poorly one does on their first, second or third assessment, this particular brain game site continues to push one's brain fitness levels to the limits.

The site very much has a social networking element to it as with Facebook and Twitter, and one can invite like-minded friends to participate along with them. Also the brain game site actually recommends friends for those who visit and who they think might be a compatible match and on the same wavelength, cerebrally speaking that is.

This brain game site doesn't have a huge variety of different memory games, however the games they do have serve a specific focus that is meaningful in everyday life. The games address things such as, divided attention, visual short-term memory, working memory, response time, spatial perception and also hand-eye co-ordination.

One can only think what a great tool for teachers to use to facilitate fun and easy learning for their students, whilst at the same time they get to assess their progress and what areas need more concentrated effort.

When one first launches their CogniFit assessment, they participate in 10 different brain games that each measures individual components.

After the games are completed, it's then time to measure the results. The first few initial brain games are easy, but as one moves forward in their assessment, the games step up and become more challenging, and push the boundaries of one's current brain health.

As they say, no pain no gain, so it is with the CogniFit Brain Fitness game. However, what a great way to self-improvement, anyone got any better ideas? The new age has finally arrived, embrace it.