Reducing Anxiety With Personal Zen Mobile Application

As technology gave smartphones for our daily lives, more and more activities have become dependent on them. Even today, it has become so imminent that even a tool or system for mental health care has been given life through a famous game today, Personal Zen. This game was made possible with the collaboration of the great mind of Doctor Tracy Dennis, a neuroscience and psychology professor in New York's Hunter College, along with the exemplary application developers that brought everything to existence. The game aims to bring relief to people's anxiety right at everyone's fingertips, without ever needing extensive treatments whatsoever, but with guaranteed effectiveness.

Dr. Dennis also added that Personal Zen aims to complete and fill every crevices or gaps existing within an individual's system when it comes to their care for mental health. She also added that the mental health of every individuals today have become more and more severe and in the middle of crisis because although there are completely new, cutting edge equipment that aims to treat every disorder, most of them takes too much time, money and even energy. With these disadvantages, she concluded that psychologists such as herself should step up their game and create something more effective and within the reach of every individuals.

According to research, almost 18% of all American citizens suffer on anxiety and a quarter from their group contains those who are suffering from severe anxiety. However, most of them ignores it and in fact, 37% of them are only paying attention and getting treatment.

Personal Zen brings psychological concept and ideas into its game, more specifically, it brings attention-bias modification therapy right at everyone's fingertips. As the name of the therapy suggests, it somehow helps in modifying the attention of the individual and shift it from something negative to positive - in this case, an angry and happy face, respectively.

The conventional attention-bias therapy involved a very boring method. By bringing it into a game, the therapy's availability and effectiveness are increased as now, it can be accessed every time while being way more fun than the conventional one. As of now, many of the participants in their test showed positive result for the game which only means that everything is going smoothly.